Reviews of Phoebe’s Heron

What Readers Are Saying About Phoebe’s Heron

Lyrical, sweet, and lush with its serene setting.”
VOYA Magazine

“An enchanting book full of forgotten history, the tension of friendship, a brave girl, and deeply overflowing with the love of wild nature.”
– Polly Carlson-Voiles, author of Summer of the Wolves

Phoebe’s Heron not only sheds light on the early conservation movement but [also] emphasizes the importance of treating people fairly and kindly and staying true to one’s values, even when it creates issues with family and friends. This is a sensitive and thoughtful juvenile historical novel.”
Foreword Magazine

Beautifully written, Phoebe’s Heron illuminates the origins of the Audubon Society and the early days of American wildlife conservation. Young readers will be inspired to learn more about native species, and feel empowered to stand up to protect our vulnerable wildlife in these challenging times.”
– Outdoors Nature Educator, Aldo Leopold Center

The beautiful language and vivid descriptions made me feel as if I had spent a brief holiday in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. Phoebe’s Heron also provides an important understanding of the need for the Audubon Society and for wildlife conservation, both in 1900 and now. I definitely recommend this book about friendship, courage and adventure.
– Susan Dobrodt, Red Canoe Reader

Phoebe's Heron, by Winnie Anderson


Phoebe’s Heron
by Winnie Anderson
Crispin Books • February 2018
Trade Softcover • 224 pages • $16.95
ISBN 978-1-883953-91-1
($3.99 eBook edition)
Juvenile Fiction / Historical /
Middle Grade / Birding & Conservation
Ages 8-13